Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Healthy Foods - What You Need To Know About It

There is a lot of discussion and debate on the type of food and its quality and quantity that a person should consume. There are lots of fast food options available in the market these days to a person. This makes the situation really clumsy and difficult for an average person in the wake of so many options to choose from. A whole list of fast foods can be mentioned and written about which makes the subject a very vast and interesting to research on. The healthiest fast food is pizza which is made of bread and sauce stuffed with raw vegetables and other spices. Other healthy fast food would be sandwiches, Idles, Chips, Snacks, French fries, Sushi, Pastries, Pizza, and Kebabs which are available in abundance in the market these days. These fast foods are very low on nutritional value which makes the content of such edible stuff of no little use when it comes to the energy consumption that is associated with the calorific value of such items.


A host lot of varieties of such fast food are there in the market these days as the consumption of such lip smacking food that is terribly low on nutritional value is very high. This is so because many people who work out of big corporate offices and public establishments hardly get any free time to make food at home so they have no other option but to go for food that is up there in the food shops. The healthiest fast food which is there is undoubtedly the Pizza as its ranks very high on calorific value amongst all the fast food items. A pizza is usually prepared with a lot of care by its maker. It takes a lot of time to make such an item to perfection. There are a lot of ingredients which go on to make the Pizza fully stuffed with raw vegetables and other spices. It is also composed of lots of other edible items too. Many types of oils are also used to make this item. Pizza is consumed like any other fast food but t is ideally considered to be the healthiest fast food which makes it the favorite choice of food lovers. A pizza is prepared by cooks that are professional experts in their fields.

Making Technique      
A conventional Pizza is often prepared after the initial procurement of raw materials which is very long and complex. A traditional pizza is usually made of bread, raw vegetables and sausage which are available in the market for bulk buying. Pizza Toppings are like mushrooms, spinach and Onions. Many other such toppings are also used which makes the item the healthiest fast food. A pizza is usually made on an oven which again is available in different types and shapes. The wood fired oven is the most popular one in use these days. Another type of oven that is used these days is the coal fired brick oven. The two types of cooking oven that is used in making the pizza are very bulky and difficult to handle.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Why Use Air Fryers For Cooking Foods

We all know the importance of healthy foods in our day to day life. But most people in the Indian subcontinent  prefers eating food that are delicious but not necessarily healthy. One of things which we should use less is Oil. There are many health risk including heart disease due to use of large quantity of oils. Now either we can use less oil in our foods or use appliance which can considerably reduce the amount of oil for cooking food. Here Air Fryers comes into the picture, these appliance use almost negligent amount of oil and yet give the same taste.  Air fryer is the presence of the rapid hot air technology in cooking which can reduce about eighty percent of the oil.

Choosing an Air Fryer

Deep frying has become a popular way to cook turkeys, particularly at Thanksgiving day on large holiday gatherings. And the best way to prepare delicious, tender and juicy turkey in less time is to use top quality air fryers. With this appliance, you can cook many fried foods. Turkey fryers are generally more expensive compare to standard deep fryers, but its ability to cook large birds in less time make its worthy to spend that extra bucks.
Choosing the right air fryer depends upon the person’s need and personal preference, but the following points should be kept in mind.

Most air fryers can cook turkey up to 12lbs, but if you often have large gathering then you may consider turkey fryers that can cook up to 20lbs. But remember larger turkeys take longer to cook and more oil. Also large bird are not always evenly cooked.

If you are going to cook indoors then go for electric fryers, they are more safer compare to propane gas powered turkey fryer. But electric turkey fryer are smaller so if you often have to cook for large crowd then electric turkey fryer is not a good option. If you are planning to use propane turkey fryer, take all safety precaution.

This is important characteristics which should be considered while choosing your air fryer. Depending upon your need and the type of food you would often want to cook, decides the capacity of the appliance. Most air fryers in India have a capacity to cook chicken, meats etc of about 1-1.5 kg which is enough for a family of 5-6 persons. However if you want to cook a large turkey then this capacity won't suffice, in that case you need to buy an air fryer with more capacity.

Air Fryer Benefits

Air fryers are extremely efficient because they can heat from room temperature to over three hundred degrees Fahrenheit in less than three minutes. Circulation of hot air will make the cooking equally without food flipping. In general air fryer has both temperature and time control knob to set up cooking temperature and time. Food’s easily prepared inside the air fryer, significance that oil spills in cooking areas from the deep frying of the food will not be an issue. This can cut cooking time dramatically.

  • Air fryer is well known for fast and quick cook as the cookware can reach the high temperature very quickly.
  • It can be vary to different air fryer.
  • This ultimately produces healthier foods than most fryers and spares you from that unwanted aroma of fried foods in your home.
  • When frying foods in oil, one must wait until the oil has heated to the appropriate temperature before starting to cook.
  • It is considered as one of the best multiple cooking choices.
  • The range of temperature can be from 390 degrees to 400 degrees and has a timer of maximum 30 minutes and 60 minutes.
To make sure you get the most out of your appliance, most fryers are accompanied with a recipe book to help you get started right away on your journey of fast, yet healthy meal preparations. This can be extremely time consuming, depending on the amount of oil being used. Air fryer can be able to fry, bake, grill and roast with the relevant matching and use of the proper additional accessories. In latest air fryer has also digital touch screen to set temperature and time more easily and precisely. Able to cook your favorite small portion comfort foods (such as French fries) at any time of the day – convenient fast food French fries air fryer.

Healthy Fast Foods And Their Importance

All the various types of food materials which are used to make the healthiest fast food are composed of many elements like potassium and sodium. This is essential to fulfill the demand of the human body which is composed of many such elements but due to the low presence of all such stuff in the healthiest fast food is not very healthy in reality. This is indeed very sad because that spoils the full value of the food item that is to be eaten for the growth of body organs and tissues which is very essential  for the overall development of the human body. The healthiest fast food does contain some of the calorific values that should be ideally present because without this there is no real point in eating the stuff that is there as there is no utility as such of the healthiest fast food item then. This important fact should always be kept in mind as while eating the most important factor which is there is finally the calorific value of the food that is to be consumed. All other food items that are generally consumed for the normal maintenance of the human body is very full of calorific value as this have a positive impact on the overall functioning of the body which is vital for a person to survive. These qualities are unfortunately missing in the healthiest fast food because no such importance is ever given to this aspect of the food.

Important of Food Values
So much importance is given to the taste aspect of the healthiest food item that the calorific value is fully ignored and rejected by its advocates because it is merely a food that is essentially very low on good element values and high on unwanted elements make this healthiest fast food an item that is of very less value in terms of its food quality so there is no real point in regularly eating this particular piece of food item which is very popular amongst the masses because it is very high on taste and quite low on other things. Having said all this it is also very important to understand that the healthiest fast food is also essential to be consumed in small amounts because it is very helpful when we have a very limited amount of time on our hands and a lot of work needs to be completed which is also very essential and important so it is a very handy piece of junk food that is very easy to eat and digest. But this has major side effects also like excess fat that is regularly used to make such food is a very serious health hazard which should be looked into very seriously and therefore a lot of research is being continuously being made and new points are being uncovered every single day on how this food could severely affect the well being and health of a person in general. The healthiest fast food therefore is therefore a topic of much debate and discussion and a person needs to be extra conscious while eating such stuff everyday.